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Wisma Cintra,
No.68, Cintra Street,
10100 Penang, Malaysia


  Encik Soffian Mohamad
  Operation Manager. 

Tel.: 604 - 263 9633     Fax: 604 - 263 1633


(Subterranean Data Bank)
A complete asset register or inventory of all underground utility information data including the point of reference which will certainly be of immense benefits to its owners.

Sutra D'Bank

A "One-Stop-Centre" for Underground Utility Networks Information


Methodology Of Sutra D'Bank

The customers of the Sutra D' Bank are utility providers, consultants or any other party undertaking excavation activities in areas under the jurisdiction of local authorities.

1...Owners generates indent / works order.

2...Operator of Sutra D'Bank deploys team(s) to carry out detection & mapping work under the area defined by customer.

3...Data will be recorded to the Sutra D’Bank database and map will be submitted to the owner and invoice generated

4...If required by the owner, for trenching /  excavation works to commence, operator of Sutra D'Bank will carry-out remarking of the detected services and provide site instructions.

5...Works will be followed by Sutra D'Bank's as-built survey team, the position (X,Y,Z) and all relevant attributes of the new installation will be recorded and downloaded to the Sutra D' Bank database. The as-built survey will ensure that the database is on real time.




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