Private Capital  Sdn Bhd (PCSB) was incorporated on the 15th day of April 1995 with the intention of venturing into sectors providing supplies of Industrial Tyres, Tubes, Flaps, Industrial Batteries, Lubricants and Stationery such as Ink Jet Media Paper products.

For the Company to achieve its vision, PCSB has set high standard and targets for customer service and to maintain its reputation for delivering excellence. Hence, it is the Company's mission to employ highly qualified and motivated professionals to service its clientele.

In keeping with the pace of the technological advancement in the world and in the country, PCSB has geared itself towards being a leading Bumiputra Trading Company mainly in the supplies of Industrial Tyres,Tubes, Flaps and Batteries for the developing transportation sectors. The Company also strives to excel in its' customer oriented business by providing value adding services, being proactive and responsive to customer's needs.

As a step forward, PCSB intends to introduce innovations and enhancements that would place Malaysia in the forefront of the transportation industry. In this context, PCSB has put forward its expertise that is in-line with our country's Vision 2020.



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